In This Time


‘In This Time’ is a ballad of the band which was released as a commercial single in Australia in 1994.


In This Time

Hey lady looks like I’m under your spell once again
Hey lady there just now ain’t no denying these things

I will always be here
I will always be with you

And I know she’s said
Let the leaves fall wherever they may
But I find it hard
Hard to find people like she is today

I will always be here
I will always be with you

When you lay to sleep
Tell me the visions you see in the night
When you turn around
What kind of shadow is cast by the light

She will always be here
She will always be with you
In this time

Demo Version

In This Time

This is the version that was recorded after the self titled “Indie Record” of 1991 and the studio recording of Splendor Solis in December of 1992 and February of 1993.


In This Time

There is no live video avaiable of the whole performing this song. Here is a live version Jeff Martin did at a solo show back in 2010.

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In This Time Single releases


1. In This Time 4:57
2. Haze On The Hills 2:24
3. Winter Solstice

Canadian Promo CD

In This Time

EMI – 8816232 

Notes: Commercial / Promo Sticker
Digi-Pak picture sleeve
[ digi-pak – gatefold ]